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Bregolas and Earrame (The Further Adventures of Balbo Baggins)

Bregolas Swiftleaf and Earrame Sea-Wing

for the feature film
‘The Return of Balbo Baggins’
Original costumes by Leaves of Lorian
Photo of Bregolas © Over Again Media
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Get previews, trailers, BTS and more of my lovely costumes for the film HERE:
Everybody loves the elves. It’s just the nature of elvendom - to be loved and adored.
(Or at least have your costume admired.)

So, that being said, I had a big challenge to bring our elves to life for this film -- both male and female.
I don’t want them to look ‘manly’ (I want them to have an elvish feeling), and have freedom of movement so as not to hinder fight scenes. I also have to keep in mind these are both warrior elves, so nothing encumbering or frilly. I defiantly want the costumes to reflect their gender, male and female, but to be similar enough you can look at them and go, “Oh, those are elves, and they are from the same elven kingdom, and that’s a girl and that’s the cute guy.”

My final challenge laid on myself is the fact I’m a huge Tolkien fan, (like I can quote passages from the Hobbit and the Silmarillion kind of huge) and I really want these costumes to be worthy of Tolkien-esk elves.

So with that all in mind, here’s your concept drawings.
 Earrame and Bregolas, respectively.

And here’s your results.
Photo (c) Over Again Media
The elves might have a little too much time on their hands on set.
And just so you don’t worry, here’s a teaser of some of their shots.
Now, back to my wardrobe blog.
Starting with Earrame:

As you can see from the photos above, she has a tunic and a jerkin over that.
The tunic is a soft pink of naturally rushed fabric. It adds a little detail to her costume. It has petal wrap sleeves.
The jerkin is split in the front and sides, laced up the sides and fastened in the front. It has tiny cap sleeves and a stand up, hand embroidered collar.

Has a tunic, jerkin and sash.
The tunic is a soft blue knit with a light weave pattern to it. Love sleeves, pointed in both front and back.
The jerkin is split on both sides and has a stand up collar. The petal wrap sleeves are duo colored and both they and the chest piece are hand embroidered. It is also pointed in the front and back. It is a combination of moss green microsuede and pine green faux suede.
The sash is a simple wrap of dark forest green crepe backed satin.

Here you can see a little bit of the details of the fabric for the tunics.

Tunics themselves before being taken in and hemmed:
 Bregolas’s tunic is a pretty straight shot. Earrame’s is a little more complicated with the collar and sleeves.

Earrame’s over tunic shots.
Her tunic started out in about ten pieces. Ten very very thin pieces. It was based off the pattern I made and used for my Chase Dress (see that blog).

So this is the tunic all sewn together, pre lacing, pre fastening, everything. Just sewn together. It kinda looks like seaweed.

 This is the same side, pre grommets and finished product.
Grommets and leather lacing, ends right above the hip.
And these are close ups of the collar and embroidery area.
Back of the collar. Same as my chase dress.

Pattern (I made) and results for the cap sleeves. Same as my chase dress.

Front and back of finished costume. Hem line not done.


Bregolas’s tunic is actually about ten pieces. Both the front and back of the over tunic are three pieces.

Here you can see the over lay in the front and back, and a little bit of the embroidery.

And in the off chance you wanted a better look, here it is.

Full tunic, final hem in place.
I realize this seems like a very short blog for Bregolas...if I get around to it, I'll exspand it later.

Yes, Bregolas is a brunette.

Look for more blogs up soon featuring the costumes for the rest of the cast - in the meantime, check out the facebook page and get ready for some awesome elven action!!
I will have a short blog up at some point specifically for elven petal sleeves.
And always, here are the random hats, pretty things, and odd pictures that go with my blogs.

But wait….you think you’ve seen everything until you’ve seen someone quoteing Shakespeare to a wig….
in the bathroom...
Our house is like that.

So anyway, here are a few more teaser shots of your elves…enjoy!!
Namárië! Nai hiruvalyë Valimar.
Nai elyë hiruva.

Nai truanted ar varyuvantel i Valar tielyanna nu vilya!!

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